AfriCap Governance Case Study Released

We’re pleased to announce the recent release of the FIEC sponsored AfriCap Governance paper, which was published by Calmeadow and written by Grassroots Capital Management.

The recent publication, An Assessment of AfriCap Governance, focuses on the role governance played in the AfriCap fund’s successes and failures, while recounting the fund’s many challenges and its ultimate accomplishment. […]

The Growth of Commercial Microfinance 2005–2008

The Growth of Commercial Microfinance 2005–2008
by Preetesh Kantak, 2011 and by Elisabeth Rhyne and Brian Busch, 2006

This study tracks and analyzes the growth of the commercial microfinance industry over  a period of several years and looks at both existing institutions and new entrants. It also comments on the future potential of this industry segment […]