We’re pleased to announce the recent release of the FIEC sponsored AfriCap Governance paper, which was published by Calmeadow and written by Grassroots Capital Management.

Africap picThe recent publication, An Assessment of AfriCap Governance, focuses on the role governance played in the AfriCap fund’s successes and failures, while recounting the fund’s many challenges and its ultimate accomplishment. The pivotal role of the board in governance, and the board’s lead responsibility for such critical matters as strategy, risk control, and management selection and succession, feature prominently in the study.

To view the report: AfriCap Governance Assessment Final

A blog by Amitabh Brar and Paul DiLeo, Investment Manager and President, Grassroots Capital Management summarizes some of the key findings of the AfriCap assessment. Please view the Center for Financial Inclusion’s blog report  here.