Please join us in welcoming Vitas Group as a new FIEC member! Vitas Group is a commercial holding company created by Global Communities as a long-term vehicle for fulfilling Global Communities’ mission in microfinance and small- and medium-enterprise finance. 

We got the chance to catch up with Fahmila Imam, Chief of Finance and Investments of Vitas Group, to answer some questions about joining FIEC.

FIEC: You attended a couple of FIEC meetings before officially joining FIEC, what confirmed your interest in joining the council?

Fahmila Imam: “FIEC offered Vitas an opportunity to observe two meetings, which affirmed our rationale to join. First, it was the mix of members: DFIs, MIVs, and microfinance networks who have funds to manage and deploy, that assured agendas relevant to Vitas’ interests moving forward…”

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